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 top Cheap Cigarettes online

1  DutyFreeDepot Rating: 98%
DutyFreeDepotRanks #1  , because of great prices and largest selection of payment methods including credit cards
 Reviewed 03/02/2015 14:30:32, by Wilford Bartholomew

Product Manufacturer: European (Switzerland Made) - Payment options: E-Check/Visa/Credit and Debit Cards - Ship to: WorldWide - Shipping Cost: Free - Shipping Time: 10-21 days - Location: Europe

Duty Free Depot has been getting very positive reviews from current customers, with many of them stressing both the good delivery service and good customer service.

We highly recommend dutyfree depot as a fully licensed international provider cheap cigarettes, cigars and tobaccos since 2006. They offer a wide range of payment methods and you can pay using all major credit cards, E-Check and bank wire transfers. Their duty free products are shipped FREE of charge worldwide.

2  cigarettes-info.com Rating: 95%
cigarettes-info.comRanks #2  , because of the highest quality cigarettes in great prices and if you Choose Any Special Offer you save up to $30 on shipping!!!
 Reviewed 12/05/2010 17:02:44, by George Ioannides

Product Manufacturer: European (Switzerland Made) - Payment options: E-Check - Ship to: USA Only - Shipping Cost: FREE - Shipping Time: 8-14 days - Location: Europe

cigarettes-info.com is a well established online provider of cigarettes to smokers only within the United States. cigarettes-info.com offers US based customers with probably the best service available out of all online cigarette stores. They offer their cigarette buyers options in shipping that is unmatched by other retailers, where they allow smokers to choose between a FREE and PRIORITY mail service. All products at cigarettes-info.com are genuine and authentic shipped straight from the manufacturers, making their cigarettes a lot fresher. Prices are quite competitive as well at cigarettes-info.com, but was is most impressive of their web-site is the service and reliability that they offer smokers.
3  smokes-online.com Rating: 94%
smokes-online.comRanks #3  , because of their unbeatable prices - Top Quality Golden Gate cigarettes from as little as $14.50 per carton.
 Reviewed 13/04/2010 15:01:44, by Brandon Rich

Product Manufacturer: European (Switzerland Made) - Payment options: E-Check - Ship to: USA Only - Shipping Cost: FREE - Shipping Time: 10-15 days - Location: Europe

For arguably some of the cheapest prices on cigarettes on the web you must look at smokes-online.com. There isn't a great deal of selection on cigarette brands, but with the offers they give to cigarette smokers on popular brands you don't need to look elsewhere. The cigarettes they ship are high grade, being manufactured according to the required standards. Cheap is the main concept for this cigarette store, they are certainly one of the cheapest I have come across, where they supply premium European made cigarettes to the whole of the US. To satisfy you they have one of the best Customer Service Over Internet.
4  123-cigs.com Rating: 93%
123-cigs.comRanks #4  , because arguably some of the cheapest prices on cigarettes. You can find cigarettes from as little as $7.99 per carton on the web-site.
 Reviewed 11/06/2010 18:03:44, by George Ioannides

Product Manufacturer: European (Switzerland Made) - Payment options: E-Check - Ship to: USA Only - Shipping Time: 8-14 days - Location: Europe

We highly recommend this retailer because of the following reasons: this is a small, but rapidly growing company that sells a variety of fresh cigarettes with almost all popular brands available, including European brands of cigarettes; their prices are highly competitive, because it is a duty free cigarette shop; and their customer service is outstanding. The company was established in 2000 and served more then 10,000 costumers ever since. All cigarettes are shipped from Switzerland.
5  Online-smoke Rating: 92%
Online-smokeRanks #5  , because of the high quality europeen cigarettes, fast delivery and best prices on the market.
 Reviewed 17/06/2010 13:01:44, by Emily Hollie

Product Manufacturer: European (Switzerland Made) - Payment options: E-Check - Ship to: USA Only - Shipping Cost: FREE - Shipping Time: 11-21 days - Location: USA

We really like this site. Online-Smoke is a company that offers premium, generic, value and foreign brand cigarettes as well as smokeless tobacco, and specialty products at discount prices. This site is beneficial to both those looking for genuine finest quality cigarettes made in Switzerland and Western Europe, and those that are not willing to wait too long for the shipment. You can find almost anything related to tobacco products on this site. European made cigarettes shipped fresh daily from the heart of tobacco country. Contact information including 1-800 number is listed, the company clearly defines shipping methods and costs, and it has a very solid reputation, and great reviews from customers.
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