p>Nowadays Internet shopping is covering virtually every type of product that you can purchase in retail stores. If you are wondering why people buy tax free cigarettes online you will be surprised. There are several reasons why the benefits of buying cigarettes online far outweigh purchasing them in local stores.

Greater Brand Selection

First off, online discount cigarettes stores have by far a wider selection of products for you to choose from. That way you can save money when you buy cigarettes online is through brand selection.

With all of their products housed in warehouses, they can easily offer thousands of items for sale. They do not have to worry about stocking shelves and putting up fancy displays. They can just keep track of the inventory in the warehouse and add to it whenever they choose to.

Most online cigarettes stores are offering cigarettes in three main categories: premium brands, such as Marlboro, Camel and Kool; generics, such as Basic, GPC and Doral; and a third class, variously known as "economy brands," "value brands," etc. These are brands you don't see anywhere else, such as Axis, Primo and Wave.


Like the licensed shops in airports or near borders, online cigarettes stores are allowed to import cigarettes without paying the customary duty. Thus they can save you money two ways: by buying cigarettes from countries where labor is cheaper, and by saving the duty that would bring the price up to American levels.

Moreover without the costs involve in maintaining a retail location and all the other costs that are involved in keeping a brick and mortar business going these days, online cigarettes shops have less overhead. This means that they can pass along their savings to you. And that they do!

The prices online beat out a local store any day of the week. Online discount cigarettes stores are able to discount major cigarette brands by up to 80 percent. And they even have sales and clearance sections that offer even better deals.


The convenience of buying cigarettes from your home or office whenever you want is one of the biggest advantages of ordering cigarettes online. Buy Tax Free Cigarettes online can often take stress out of this and help you to have your cigarettes delivered hassle free, direct to your door.